a bedroom with a bed and a desk with chair and glass walls with view plant filled balcony and city

Extraordinary Style & Exceptional Service

An unexpected and refreshing collection of one-of-a-kind hotels showcasing the best of dining, entertainment, services, and amenities. Located in gateway cities throughout the world, these are hotels with individuality, authenticity, originality, and a unique ethos that reflect the current spirit and zeitgeist of each location. EDITION is a perfect mix of authentic design and gracious, sophisticated personalized service.

Authentic Luxury

A place to lay your head and get everything you need (and want). At EDITION, we believe true luxury is being heard before you even speak.

an outdoor hightop bar surrounded by a canopy of plants and flowers

Sophisticated Simplicity

From West Hollywood to Tampa, each property is designed to give guests a curated taste of the locale, reflecting the best of cultural and social miliieu.

a spa room with white recliners, candles, and white drapery

Refined and Innovative

From artists and musicians to world-class chefs and designers, the EDITION experience is a collaboration of creativity, making your experience nuanced, enchanting, and truly memorable.

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